Spent time in the DP Media Group studio last night recording ‘Time Weighs On’…Rough copy sounds great so far! EP should be ready to go by the end of this week.


Sometimes things just happen for a reason. Whether it’s by fate or by chance, many times the best things in life are formed at a moments notice.

Such was the case with the Barren River Trio. Three casual acquaintances who shared the same love for music were thrust together for a small show at a private college in Tampa, FL in early August 2010.

From there, something wonderful happened when the three played together for the first time. An unbelievably full band sound was produced – with only 3 guitars. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from their initial show together, the three friends decided fate had presented them with an opportunity to create music that no one else was doing.

Armed with strong vocal leads, pure harmonies, multifaceted guitar skills, and a relentless desire to create real music, Barren River Trio was formed.

Alex Day – Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals
Danny Moody – Guitar/Vocals
Andrew Varson – Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals

Managed by Stuart Westphal